• At this time, SkyGate does not does not accept any kind of creative submission. For legal reasons, we do not consider any external creative material (scripts, synopses, sketches, etc.) sent to us unsolicited. All of SkyGate’s ideas and stories are developed internally.

  • If you are interested in hiring SkyGate Studios, please contact us through our contact form. We fund our projects by working on projects like yours!

  • SkyGate Studios is primarily a development and post-production company. Most production phases (the filming) require subcontracting other talents based on their skill sets and specialties to support the scope and scale of a particular project. These phases are led by SkyGate team leaders. The post-production mastering, however, is typically all done in-house to ensure quality control.

  • We primarily work with those who have a story to tell, not a product to sell. In recent years, we’ve done a lot of work for non-profit organizations. For industrial projects, commercials or promotional, distribution and creative branding assets, visit our imaging division: VelaScope Creative.

  • Online distribution is our primary means of distribution. More traditional kinds of distribution such as print, DVD, Blu-ray and public showcases serve as secondary means of distribution for our projects.

  • SkyGate Studios does have internship programs when we’re working on larger projects. For more information, please contact us through our contact form.

  • Scott Edge

    Director, Writer, Founder - SkyGate Studios

    Born in 1977, Scott grew up along the countryside of Ferndale, Arkansas but was always creating characters and drawing comics inspired by his surroundings. His love of art eventually came full circle when he received his B.A. in Graphic Design with a minor in Mass Communications from Ouachita Baptist University. In 2007, he founded "SkyGate Studios," where he collaborates with artists in film, animation and other creative outlets.