• The Story

    Lilly is the littlest acorn in her family. But despite her small size, she dreams to one day grow to a large tree, like her momma. When it's time for her to leave her momma’s branches, she learns the value of believing with her heart.

  • About

    This story is for the wide-eyed dreamer in us all. The eBook offers interactive read-along narration with rich performances that will bring the characters to life!

  • Credits

    Creator, Writer, Director: Scott Edge
    Illustrations: Andrew Kinzler

    Featuring the voice talents of...

      NarratorVerda Davenport
      Momma AcornCandyce Hinkle
      LillyMargaret Lowry
      Timmy/DoobieJackson Lowry
      AndreaSimone Lowry
      OaklyJohn Isner
      WillyEd Lowry