Key Art

Movie posters, logo designs, business ensembles, print layouts and title treatments.

Key Art / One Sheets / Layouts

The Jester

SkyGate Studios

Title treatment and movie poster for SkyGate’s award-winning short film.

Oodles for Mr. Peck

SkyGate Studios

Title treatment and poster concepts for this in-development animated short.

The Little Acorn

SkyGate Studios

Title treatment, book cover, and sample page spreads for this book/e-book from Scott Edge.


SkyGate Studios

Title treatment, movie posters, and DVD disc and case art for SkyGate’s first short film.

The Christmas Tree Story

Summit Church

Title treatment, movie poster, book cover, and page spreads for the film and book/e-book.

Hark the Harold

Summit Church

Movie poster created to promote this short film produced for Summit Church.

more design work

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SkyGate Studios, Inc.
16607 Cantrell Road, Suite 9
Little Rock, AR 72223


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