Set Design

The visual prowess of SkyGate Studios extends into set design and locations because environments speak to story and subject.  The setting suggests tone and mood and reinforces the context of the action on screen.  If it’s in the frame, it’s impacting the viewer as part of your story.


Mountain-tops, WWII air crafts, abandonned houses and set pieces; if we can’t find the perfect location for our cinematic storytelling, we build them.  We’ve turned church lobbies into bustling airport terminals, workshops into prehistoric caves and storage buildings into biblical era palaces. 

Profiles & Docs

From interviews out-in-the-field to stylized in-studio environments, SkyGate Studios strives to ensure that the aesthetics of the location harmonizes with the story the subject is telling.

Virtual Sets

Some stories call for environments that aren’t feasible like being inside a computer or needing snowfall when it’s 80° outside. While virtual sets spill into visual effects, they’re no less part of the world SkyGate builds to tell the stories SkyGate tells.

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