• The Story

    Based on a true story, “Red Courage” takes us back to 1942 over the Pacfic during World War II. It is a story about fear and courage through self-sacrifice.

  • About the Film

    “Red Courage” (Action/Drama 2012) was arguably one of the most ambitious film projects to date for SkyGate Studios. As part of a film series for FamilyLife called “Stepping Up”, our film set the stage for courage in yesteryear.

  • The World

    The film was shot aboard the last airworthy B-29 in existence in Addison, TX and in a historical home in Little Rock, AR. This film required massive camera rigs in tight spaces, 3D Animation, VFX, and hundreds of layers of sound design, all on a very tight schedule.

  • CAST

    Gene "Red" Erwin
    Pershing Youngkin
    Yonug Gene "Red" Erwin
    Gene's Father
    George Simmeral
    Roy Stables
    Ken Young
    Vern Widmayer
    Herbert Schnipper
    Howard Stubstad
    Vern W. Schiller
    Will Loesch

    Skyy Moore
    Stephen Brodie
    Corbin Pitts
    Warren McCullough
    Bryan Massey
    Daniel Escudero
    Jason Willey
    Chad Halbrook
    James DeWitt
    Tim Yagar
    Chad Bozarth
    Matt Moore


    Written and Directed by
    Executive Producer
    Director of Photography
    Visual Effects

    Edited and Sound Design by

    Original Score

    Production Coordinator
    Script Supervisor

    Set Design (Flashback)
    Special Effects

    Assistant Editor
    1st Assistant Director
    2nd Assistant Director
    Prop Master

    Sound Design
    Sound Mixer
    Sound Mixer (Flashback)

    1st Assistant Camera
    2nd Assistant Camera
    1st Assistant Camera

    Gaffer (Flashback)
    Key Grip
    Key Grip (Flashback)
    Best Boy
    Best Boy
    Grip & Electric

    Grip Truck (MPS Studios)

    Craft Services

    Scott Edge
    Bob Lepine
    Gabe Mayhan
    Les Galusha
    H. Keith Hamilton
    Scott Edge

    Scott Edge
    John Campbell
    Daniel Campbell
    Scott Edge
    Major Lytton
    Erin Gardner
    Kathern Kinsey
    Josh Baxter
    Brooke Duszota
    Mitchelle Crisp
    Les Galusha
    Stephanie Stephens
    Matt Rozzell
    Daniel Campbell
    Miranda Sink
    Ed Lowry

    Scott Edge
    J.P. Evans
    Doug Osborn

    Benjamin Tubb
    Justin Scheldt
    Matt Manning
    Bryan Stafford

    Brandon Torres
    Dave Calhoun
    Richard Porter
    Don Hager
    Turner Phillips
    Matt Irby
    James Rhrodes
    Matte Janke
    Michelle Howe
    John Beasley

    Deborah Mash
    Julia Fields


    Commemorative Air Force
    David Oliver
    Gerald Oliver
    Chris Trobridge
    B-29 Super Fortress "FiFi"

    Based on the true story of
    Henry Eugene "Red" Erwin, Sr.