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2007 to present.


SkyGate Studios is founded in Little Rock, AR and makes their debut short film “Masterpiece.” The multi-award-winning short premiers at Riverdale 10 Cinemas in Little Rock to a crowd of several hundred people and serves as a calling card for the new studio.


SkyGate Studios is commissioned by Hope for Orphans for an adoption teaching series called “If You Were Mine.” The short vignettes associated with the project win several Telly Awards and continues to encourage and raise awareness about the adoption process.


SkyGate Studios establishes “VelaScope Creative.” VelaScope creates promotion and distribution assets for entertainment, industrial, and non-profit projects.


FamilyLife commissions SkyGate Studios to create a unique teaching series called “The Art of Marriage.” The video series goes on to impact thousands of marriages around the world with DVD distribution in several countries.


“The Jester,” written by and starring Ed Lowry, becomes one SkyGate Studio’s most successful short films, winning several film festivals during its campaign. “The Jester” is SkyGate’s second period piece and helps pave the way for more ambitious projects for the studio.


“Stepping Up” marks the second video series from FamilyLife and becomes the most ambitious video series to date for SkyGate Studios. Complete with high-concept film and animation, this powerful series casts a vision for men and what real courageous manhood looks like.


“Red Courage,” featured in “Stepping Up,” becomes the third short film fully produced by SkyGate Studios. With its compelling and unique storyline, the short film raises the bar for SkyGate Studios in the realm of visual effects, sound design and art direction.


“The Little Acorn,” written by Scott Edge, becomes the first book published by SkyGate Studios. The children’s book includes illustrations by Andrew Kinzler and interactive read-along narration.


“Gate 25” is the first holiday film from SkyGate Studios and writer/director Scott Edge. The film was commissioned by The Summit Church in Little Rock, AR and plays to a standing ovation upon its debut.


SkyGate Studios launches a new phase with a website debut packed with project announcements including movies, series, and books.


“Hark the Harold” marks the second time SkyGate Studios teams up with The Summit Church of Little Rock for a Christmas film.


“The Wasteland” is a 5-part video series produced by Life Action about a man on a journey of spiritual discovery. Set in a dystopian world of dust and desolation, “The Wasteland” is a gripping allegory that debuted to hundreds of thousands of viewers live on FaceBook.


FamilyLife 40th Anniversary.

Faithful foundations. Explosive growth. 40 years of help and hope. A year of tremendous celebrations found SkyGate Studios at the heart of telling their story.


SkyGate turns 10!

A milestone year for the studio. 10 years of telling stories that matter and make a difference.  

The sky is NO limit…


“The Christmas Tree Story” is a Seussical tale that reclaims one of the most beloved holiday traditions, the Christmas tree and all of its decorations, as a meaningful symbol of how God changes a life.


“The Art of Parenting” is the third video series helmed by SkyGate Studios for FamilyLife. The series is a resource that puts faith at the center of your parenting compass.


“Sole Mates” is the third children’s book from SkyGate Studios and writer Scott Edge. In this fully illustrated, rhyming book, kids learn about what to look for in a future mate as Mikee, a left shoe, looks for his right and perfect pair… but there is a twist!


SkyGate Studios launches a new shopping and subscription feature for “SkyGate Studios Originals,” a renewed focus on the distribution of SkyGate movies, series, and books!

… and the story


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