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Animation Reel

• Demo Reel
• SkyGate Studios

Witness SkyGate Studios imagination and design on display in digital motion!

Once Upon a Time

• Promotional
• FamilyLife Blended

An animated pop-up storybook tells of the trials and hopes of blended families to promote this ministry dedicated to preventing re-divorce, strengthen stepfamilies, and help break the generational cycle of divorce.

When Cows Drop

• Series
• FamilyLife

Part of the One Minute To Oneness series, this episode is about the troooo story of a cow that fell from the sky onto a minivan!  Find out how this bovine fiasco relates to marriage…

Pains of Glass

• TV Commercial
• Freedom Exteriors

Broadcast TV commercial featuring animated typography promoting affordable, reliable home window installation.

CAF: Merry Christmas

• Animation
• Commemorative Air Force

An animated Christmas card presented on behalf of The Commemorative Air Force. 

Acxiom CDP + Retail

• Explainer / Animation
• Acxiom

Enjoy this entertaining and educational explainer animation of Acxiom’s Customer Data Platform and how it will work in the retail industry.

Behavior-onics: Grant

• Promotional
• Sells Agency

Grant is an animated character created to explain how Behavior-onics works.

Weekend to Remember Session Opener

• Series
• FamilyLife

Quirky animation showcasing conflicts common in marriage opens FamilyLife’s video version of their Weekend to Remember conference.

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