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Collide Media Group is a premiere distribution and home entertainment company serving faith-based films in a variety of ways.  SkyGate Studios has been honored to collaborate with them in producing several movie trailers for their projects. Here’s a sampling of just a few…

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The following is a collection of movie trailers produced by SkyGate Studios for Collide Media Group.  These creative collaborations serve as the cinematic gateway for their movies, offering a tantalizing glimpse into a world waiting to be explored.  We work closely with other creatives at Collide to achieve each trailer.  Like a well-composed symphony, a trailer by SkyGate Studios orchestrates emotions, intrigue, and anticipation, leaving viewers hungry for more!

Project Requirements




+ Consultation
+ Project Outline
+ Budget Estimates
+ Proejct Schedule
+ Scripting




+ Layout Design
+ Brand Continuity
+ Animation
+ Editorial
+ Sound Design




+ Spot Versions
+ Run Time Precision
+ Technical Spec Oversight
+ DME Audio Stems

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Church People

A heartfelt and laugh-out-loud comedy film, “Church People” is the story of real people with real struggles and their unique paths to discovering what faith in Jesus is all about. It all starts when “America’s Youth Pastor,” Guy Sides, realizes that he is stuck in the megachurch marketing machine and wants to rediscover his passion.

Ends Of The Earth

A documentary exploring faith, passion and how hope emerges from tragedy, ENDS OF THE EARTH weaves together true stories of Mission Aviation Fellowship pilots — past and present — who strive with missionaries and local believers to take the gospel to the most remote places on earth.

Between Mercy and Me

Two Musicians. One City. Two vastly different experiences. One never-changing God. BETWEEN MERCY AND ME is a musical journey into the hearts of unexpected friends Hugo and Mercy, who struggle to find a connection and hope for their hurting community … and themselves.

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