Sound Design

Foley work, explosions, ambience and more.

Sound Design Reel

• Demo Reel
• SkyGate Studios

Sound is the immersive element that tells so much more than what’s on screen.

Last Shot Love

• Short Film
• Nolan Dean Films

Handball and a romantic evening interrupted. SkyGate Studios was tasked with sound design for this romantic comedy short.

Red Courage

• Short Film
• FamilyLife

Air battles and aircraft ambiance. SkyGate Studios was tasked with creating a audio environment for this WWII period action piece.

The Jester

• Short Film
• SkyGate Studios

From footsteps to forest creeks, all sound for this short film was generated in-studio.

The Note

• Short Film
• LakeAround Films

SkyGate Studios was tasked with creating a tense sound environment for this short film.

The Little Acorn

• Book
• SkyGate Studios

An immersive, whimsical audio environment was created for this children’s audiobook.

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