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Written by Scott Edge & Ed Lowry

“Sole Mates” is a gentle story set in an imaginative world of shoes that is relatable and enjoyable for children and helps parents explain love and marriage.

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About the Authors

Scott Edge

Scott Edge

Filmmaker, author, and founder of SkyGate Studios in Little Rock, Arkansas, Scott has been telling stories for large audiences for over 15 years. Inspired by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, his passion is to provide metaphorical perspectives on timeless truths. He grew up amid the countryside of Ferndale, Arkansas, and he was always creating characters and drawing comics inspired by his surroundings. In fact, it was when he was 10 that he wrote “The Little Acorn.” He and his wife Amber have two children.

Ed Lowry

Ed Lowry

At age 15, Ed sat on the front edge of a stage in a small, Kansas town. He delivered his short monologue, and the spotlight faded. The room was dead silent, except for the sound of people sniffling. The young actor was hooked. Whether making people sniffle or laugh out loud, Ed has lived in the skin of many characters since then, acting in everything from from sketch comedy to Shakespeare, from the theatre stage to award-winning commercials and short films. Ed’s many roles also include that of dad. He and his wife have six children, four they got the old fashioned way, and two who joined the clan through the miracle of adoption.

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