No spoilers!  Just an audience appeal for the stories coming soon.

The Wasteland

• Series
• Life Action

The 5 part mini-series was produced by Life Action Ministries, in partnership with Christian Cinema.

Red Courage

• Short Film
• FamilyLife

Based on the true story of Henry “Red” Erwin, the film takes us back to 1942 over the Pacific during World War II.

Church People

• Feature
• Collide

A heartfelt and laugh-out-loud comedy film! When a youth pastor realizes he’s stuck in a megachurch marketing machine, sanity is put to the test.

The Jester

• Short Film
• SkyGate Studios

Banished by the king, the Jester finds himself homeless and without a sense of purpose.

Tyson’s Run

• Feature
• Collide / Universal Pictures

“Tyson’s Run” is a sentimental, true story-inspired tale of a boy with autism who decides to compete in a marathon.

Ends of the Earth

• Feature / Documentary
• Collide

A documentary exploring faith, tragedy and perseverence as it weaves together true stories of aviation missionaries who take the gospel to the most remote places on earth.

The Christmas Tree Story

• Film+ Book
• Summit / SkyGate Studios

A book and short film that reclaims the Christmas tree as a beautiful story about life and salvation and the meaning of Christmas!

The Little Acorn

• Book
• SkyGate Studios

One year ago, Harald’s wife died just before Christmas.  But when he starts sleep walking, he discovers what he’s really in danger of losing.

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