Stories with robust scope.

Face to Facebook

• Short Film / Series
• FamilyLife

Short film showing the temptations men face online. Produced for FamilyLife’s Stepping Up series.

Like Arrows: Music Video

• Series
• FamilyLife

Award-winning music video featuring music and lyrics by Matt Hammitt. Produced for FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting series.

Million Dollar Daddy

• Series
• FamilyLife

Short film produced for FamilyLife’s Stepping Up series. A business man encounters an insightful janitor who brings his true priorities focus.

Receiving Your Mate

• Series
• FamilyLife, Art of Marriage

Featured in The Art of Marriage, teaching pastor, Jeff Schulte, compares his experiences as a wide receiver in football to the fundamentals of loving your mate.

The Counselor

• Short Film / Series
• FamilyLife

One of the most recognizable short films from The Art of Marriage, “The Counselor” is about a couple trying to figure out who the problem is.

Fort Roots: Tri-Peak Classic

• Highlight Reel
• Fort Roots

Swooping drone shots, high speed drive-by’s, dynamic angles are all part of this high-octane recap from the race!

Newspaper Story

• Dramatization / Series
• FamilyLife

Enjoy a stroll down memory lane from this dramatization about a men who thinks back on the time he had a newspaper route as a by.  From FamilyLife’s Stepping Up series.

Suzanne Post: Student Story

• Vignette

Character animations depict the account of how an Arkansas school teacher motivated a student to step up his efforts in the classroom.

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